The advantage of Genizer liposome extruders
Genizer offers a comprehensive range of extruders suitable for researchers and manufacturers across all scales, from lab-scale HandExtruder and GJE-10mL/100mL models for small-scale research and development, to pilot-scale GJE-800mL/3000mL models for larger experiments and production runs, and the GOE-8L/25L extruder for large-scale commercial production. This means that regardless of the scale of the project, Genizer has an extruder that can meet the requirements.
Genizer Liposome Extruders
Genizer extruders can be easily connected to its own high-pressure homogenizers to create a powerful, integrated system. The intelligent control system of the homogenizers allows researchers and manufacturers to effortlessly set and adjust parameters, which enables precise control over critical factors such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate.  By ensuring that the processes are efficient and accurate, the intelligent control system of the homogenizers results in consistent, high-quality liposomes. This integration also saves time, reduces the risk of contamination, and enables greater control over the final product.
Multi Online Liposome Extruders System
Genizer extruders are designed to meet strict pharmaceutical requirements and have been adopted by leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide, including Sanofi, Teva Pharma, GP Pharma and so on. These industry leaders have put Genizer's extruders to the test, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. Genizer's extruders have received unanimous acclaim from these industry leaders for their reliability, precision, and efficiency and have become the go-to choice for pharmaceutical researchers and manufacturers worldwide.
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