Liposome Processing: High-Pressure Homogenizer or Liposome Extruder?
Choosing between a high-pressure homogenizer or a liposome extruder for your liposomes can be complicated. Both devices can process liposomes, but there advantages to each that will help you decide which is better for your application.

High-Pressure Homogenizer
Power: Powering the NanoGenizer high-pressure homogenizer is simple. It’s electrically powered, and all you have to do is plug it into the wall.
Speed: The NanoGenizer has a faster flow rate than a liposome extruder.
Efficiency: While jamming occasionally happens with a liposome extruder, the NanoGenizer will not jam.

Liposome Extruder
Accuracy: The jacketed liposome extruders have a narrower size distribution of liposomes after processing.
Adjustable: With a liposome extruder, you can adjust the membrane pore size and determine the diameter of liposomes after processing.
Economical: Our liposome extruders are more affordable than high-pressure homogenizers.
Power: Our jacketed liposome extruders are gas powered.

Using a liposome extruder connected to a high-pressure homogenizer allows you to gain advantages from both.
It is fast, precise, unlikely to jam, allows you to determine pore size and is powered using only electricity.

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