Jacketed Liposome Extruder: Solutions for Nano

Jacketed Liposome Extruder by Genizer: Solutions for Nano

If you are working in pharmaceutical and gene development and delivery, there is a high chance you have at least heard of a liposome extruder. Genizer’s Jacketed Liposome Extruder is leading the industry in innovation and precision. 

Liposome extrusion is mainly done to formulate liposomes and achieve a uniform size distribution. Generating nanoscale liposome formulations, and preparing exosomes and artificial cell membranes are other processes that can be done with a liposome extruder.

Diagram of Liposomes extruding through nano sized pores in polycarbonate membrane.

There are many advantages to utilizing Genizer’s Jacketed Liposome Extruder.

Firstly, Genizer’s Jacketed Liposome Extruders are unique in that they have a built in  temperature control unit. Most of our jacketed liposome extruders are designed with jacketed barrels. With the ability to hook a cold water unit to its body, the jacketed liposome extruder can guarantee effective extrusion while working with samples that must maintain a certain temperature. This is particularly important when working with pharmaceuticals and genes because of their need to maintain bioavailability. 


Secondly, air-compression using a compressed nitrogen cylinder (or other gas chambers) is what drives the power behind jacketed liposome extruders. This ensures that the given pressure is enough to extrude samples through polycarbonate membranes.

Diagram of different liposome extruder sizes ranging from lab scale to pilot scale.

Lastly, there is a wide range of processing capacities allowing Genizer’s Jacketed Liposome Extruders to work in a wide range of applications and industries. The different models of extruders that differ in sample volume size starting with 2mL and going up to 3L in volume. This makes the extruders suitable for laboratory scale use all the way up to pilot scale use. With the addition of Genizer’s Online Liposome Extruders, formulation can even occur on a production and manufacturing scale.


Genizer takes pride in their Jacketed Liposome Extruder’s abilities in various industry settings. With its temperature control, air-compression power, and wide range of applications, Genizer’s jacketed liposome extruder will produce nano-sized liposomes with impressive precision and accuracy.