Introduction to the Dual Light NanoParticle Sizer
Genizer’s Dual Light Nano Particle Sizer does nanoparticle and nanoemulsion size testing from 1 nm to 10 μm.

How Does the Particle Sizer Work?

Smaller particles in a liquid move faster than larger particles. Dynamic light scattering measures the way light is scattered by particles in a liquid. Particles moving faster change the way the light is scattered faster. The particle sizer uses the change in the way light is scattered to determine the speed of the particle and as a result, the size.

Using the particle sizer is simple, and the software that comes with the particle sizer is user-friendly.

Results are rapid, and you are able to observe in real-time the dynamic changes in the sample. The particle sizer is highly sensitive and accurate, while the dual wavelength laser allows you to choose the size of sample particle to detect.

Applications of the Dual Light Nano Particle Sizer include:

Nanoemulsions, inks, paints, nanoparticles, pharmaceuticals, liposomes, food and bacteria.

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