Introduction to Genizer
Genizer was founded in 2009, and our office is located in Greater Los Angeles. Our mission is to advance high-pressure technology.

High-Quality Products

Our Y-shaped chamber has a longer service life while the diamond material prevents metal particulate residue. Additionally, we offer real-time cooling in our diamond interaction chambers for thermally unstable samples.


In 2015, Genizer was the first to offer touch screens on a high-pressure homogenizer.

Our flagship product, the NanoGenizer high-pressure homogenizer:
  • has a small footprint
  • plugs into the wall
  • has a low dead volume
  • and has a low minimum sample.

Scale with Your Lab
Our products scale from a small manual lab test to custom manufacturing.

Our product line includes...
  • Liposome extruders
  • Diamond interaction chambers
  • Sanitary heat exchangers
  • High-pressure gauges
  • High-pressure homogenizers
Reach out to our team to learn how Genizer can meet your nanotechnology needs!