HandExtruder | How does a liposome extruder work?

Liposome ExtruderDiagram of a liposome

A liposome extruder is used for nanoscale liposome formulation, to obtain a unifo rm size distribution, and to prepare exosomes and artificial cell membranes.


HangGenizer with the chamber, a base and two pistons on each side


The HandExtruder works with manual power, meaning you can operate it using only your hands. Simply push a liposome suspension through the extruder. This forces the sample through a membrane filter with a defined pore size and makes your liposome suspension become the pore size. You may need to run a sample through the extruder more than once through the same membrane pore size, or through progressively smaller pore sizes, to reach your desired result. You can also use a high-pressure homogenizer to accelerate the process before using a liposome extruder.


The HandExtruder handles experimental volumes from 0.25mL to 2.5 mL, and a cooling jacket option is available for temperature control.


While a high-pressure homogenizer can perform liposome formulation, the liposome extruder is lower cost and has a narrower size distribution of liposomes after processing. Liposome extruders are used for research and development for liposomal drug delivery systems, vaccines, gene delivery, cosmetics and more.

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