3 Questions to Choose a Liposome Extruder
3 Questions to Ask While Looking for a Liposome Extrusion Option


There are three questions to ask when you are choosing a liposome extrusion option.
First, what pore size do you need? While a solo homogenizer reaches a liposome size of 20-30nm, any option with extrusion allows for more choice.

Second, what power types do you have access to?
The jacketed liposome extruders allow for gas power. An electric option is available if you go for a high-pressure homogenizer with or without an extruder. And manual options are available in the HandExtruder and HandGenizer.


Third, what scale of sample do you need to process? Genizer makes extrusion options from 1 mL to manufacturing scale.

There are advantages coming from the various options as well to help you make your choice!
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